Philip II of Macedon

PHILIP II OF MACEDON (about 382 – 336 BC) A Macedonian king-reformer, who ruled 359-336 BC and turned Macedonia into a centralized kingdom. Philip II of Macedon reorganized the army – introduced into the infantry corps the so called Macedonian phalanx, and made the first steps for fleet in Macedonia. He managed to conquer the Pangaion […]

Perseus of Macedon

PERSEUS The last king of Macedon 179 – 168 BC, son of Philip V. He succeeded to dethrone his pro-Roman brother Demetrius and to organize an anti-Roman coalition with the Greek city-states. The so called Third Macedonian War started with an initial success for Perseus but in the Battle of Pydna 168 BC he suffered […]

Alexander the Great

ALEXANDER OF MACEDON Alexander the Great 356-323 BC, son of Philip II of Macedon and Olympias. Aristotle was his tutor and thus Alexander was influenced by the Hellenic theories. After the death of Philip II, Alexander of Macedon subjugated Hellas, and in Corinth, proclaimed himself a leader of the Greeks in the war against the […]