Gold treasure from Dabene. Ancient Civilization from 3th millennium BC

The Dabene Treasure Golden treasures of a Ancient civilization from the 3rd millennium BC. In 2004, by a mere chance, archaeology received a precious gift – the treasure from the village of Dabene, Karlovo, Bulgaria. In the spring of 2004, near the town of Sopot, an archaeological expedition was making excavations in a Roman roadside […]

Gold treasure from Hotnitsa. Ancient Civilization from 5th millennium BC

The Hotnitsa Treasure The oldest gold treasures in the world – 5th millennium BC. The village mound near the village of Hotnitsa dates back to the 5th millennium BC. It was 6 m wide and was discovered by chance. In 1955 by the construction works of irrigation canals, the workers unearthed one side of a […]

Treasures from Chalcolithic Necropolis, town of Varna

Chalcolithic necropolis town of Varna-Treasures of Civilization from 5th millennium BC. In 1974 while digging a trench in the region of the Varna Lake, 4 kilometers to the west of the town centre, some golden and silver items with a strange shape and decorations came to the surface. The experts were sure that the finds […]

Mogilanska mound – A Burial of a Thracian princess

Mogilanska Mogila (The Mogilan Mound) Mogilanska Mogila is a half destroyed mound in the town of Vratza which was located in the yard of a house in the very centre of the old part of the town. For the most people it was just an elevation but the archaeologists knew that there is a tumulus […]

The Rogozen silver treasure

The village of Rogozen is located 43 kilometers to the north of the town of Vratsa, in the middle of the Danubian Plain, between Ogosta and Iskar Rivers. The treasure is unearthed in the centre of the village in an empty plot of land, used many years as a vegetable garden. It was an accidental […]