Second Athenian Sea league

The League of about 70 city-states was organized by Athens in 378-377 BC after the Corinthian War. It followed the same model as the First Athenian Sea League – the council of the allies (synedrion) met in Athens but was independent from the Athenian state. Again there were contributions in money from the allies, which were called syntaxeis with the purpose not to remind of the controversial “phoros” of the previous league. The Second Athenian Sea League cut Sparta’s claims for hegemony and supported the successes of the Theban League. Soon after that it became clear that Athens strives for hegemony once again and their realtions became hostile. The active naval policy of Athens and its hegemony became the reason, as at the time of the first league, many city-states to fall off the sea league, which led to strong anti-Athenian movements. After the War of the Allies (s.c. Social War) in 355 BC the League dissolved.

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