Second Athenian Sea league

The League of about 70 city-states was organized by Athens in 378-377 BC after the Corinthian War. It followed the same model as the First Athenian Sea League – the council of the allies (synedrion) met in Athens but was independent from the Athenian state. Again there were contributions in money from the allies, which […]

First Athenian Sea league

Athenian-Delian League (Delian Symmachia or Confederacy of Delos) – alliance formed during the Greco-Persian Wars 478 – 477 BC between Athens on one hand and the Greek city-states in Anatolia and the Aegean region on the other. This federation of over 200 sea city-states under the leadership of Athens was organized with the purpose to […]

King Seuthes I

SEUTHES I Thracian king 424 – about 408 BC, son of the Odrysian ruler Sparadokos and successor of Sitalces. At the time of the military operations against Macedon and Chalkidiki in 429 BC, he played a major role in the kingdom politics. After Sitalces’ death in 424 BC he demonstrated the entire might of the […]

Philip II of Macedon

PHILIP II OF MACEDON (about 382 – 336 BC) A Macedonian king-reformer, who ruled 359-336 BC and turned Macedonia into a centralized kingdom. Philip II of Macedon reorganized the army – introduced into the infantry corps the so called Macedonian phalanx, and made the first steps for fleet in Macedonia. He managed to conquer the Pangaion […]

Perseus of Macedon

PERSEUS The last king of Macedon 179 – 168 BC, son of Philip V. He succeeded to dethrone his pro-Roman brother Demetrius and to organize an anti-Roman coalition with the Greek city-states. The so called Third Macedonian War started with an initial success for Perseus but in the Battle of Pydna 168 BC he suffered […]