First Athenian Sea league

Athenian-Delian League (Delian Symmachia or Confederacy of Delos) – alliance formed during the Greco-Persian Wars 478 – 477 BC between Athens on one hand and the Greek city-states in Anatolia and the Aegean region on the other. This federation of over 200 sea city-states under the leadership of Athens was organized with the purpose to lead the war against Persians to an end, but Sparta and its supporting city-states refused to take part in it. The allies bound themselves to contribute a certain number of men and ships. Instead of this the smaller city-states had to pay each year a sum (phoros) to the treasury of the League. It was located in the temple of Apollo at Delos and its tribute was about 460 talents a year. The affairs of the First Athenian Sea League were managed by a synod. Gradually Athens gained hegemony in the League. Athens persisted on receiving annual tributes to support the powerful fleet, which was a constant threat to Persia but was also used by Athens against its allies. The oligarchic city-states revolted against the imposed government, as well as the annual contributions. Athens resorted to punitive expeditions against its allies, especially during the Peloponnesian War, when the tributes were raised to 1000 talents. The League came to an end with the victory of Sparta in the Peloponnesian War.

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