Thracian language

The Ring from EzerovoThe language of the Thracian tribes on the Balkan peninsula spoken to the 4th century AD. The Thracian language is an Indo-European one, related to the language of the pre-Greek population in Thrace. Many personal and geographic names are known, as well as several short inscriptions, most famous of which is the inscription on the golden ring of the village of Ezerovo, Plovdiv Region, Bulgaria.

The ring was found near the village of Ezerovo

-it has an inscription in Thracian language with Greek letters.

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  1. Yes, the language is indo-european. So we know if the text corectly separated. So….ROLIS TENEAN ERENER TILTEAN SKOR … (author A.Bucurescu) is wrong becouse in his text we can not see IE grammer.
    The alfabet is not greek, but trakian. Practicly: it is not ROLISTENE, but POLISTENE

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