Gold treasure from Hotnitsa. Ancient Civilization from 5th millennium BC

The Hotnitsa Treasure The oldest gold treasures in the world – 5th millennium BC. The village mound near the village of Hotnitsa dates back to the 5th millennium BC. It was 6 m wide and was discovered by chance. In 1955 by the construction works of irrigation canals, the workers unearthed one side of a […]

Treasures from Chalcolithic Necropolis, town of Varna

Chalcolithic necropolis town of Varna-Treasures of Civilization from 5th millennium BC. In 1974 while digging a trench in the region of the Varna Lake, 4 kilometers to the west of the town centre, some golden and silver items with a strange shape and decorations came to the surface. The experts were sure that the finds […]