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Do you want to know more about Thrace, about the ancient civilization from the territory of contemporary Bulgaria, a civilization more ancient even than Sumerian and Egyptian?

Do you want to know where in Bulgaria the gold, spread over Middle and Southern Europe 5000 years ago, was mined?

Do you want to see the world’s oldest golden treasures, from the 5th millennium BC, found in the chalcolithic necropolis town of Varna and village of Hotnitsa, Bulgaria?

Ancient treasures, history and civilizations

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Over the thousands of years of history the Balkan Peninsula and the territories of contemporary Bulgaria had been always inhabited. Many peoples crossed these lands at the crossroads between the East and the West, they lived here, led battles, left their creative works and enjoyed life. Some of them are well-known while others remain little known and probably we don’t even suspect the existence of some of them. All these peoples had left traces of their existence – examples of their way of life, culture, religion, mastery, art and crafts. These are valuable evidences of life on these ancient lands.

What to expect from the articles at each category?

Here you can get acquainted with some of the most famous examples of the ancient art, found on the territory of Bulgaria. Ancient treasures from Thrace, the art of Thracians.

Fine examples of ancient art – golden and silver Thracian treasures.

The items from the burial of a noble Thracian princess from the tribe of the Tribali.

Here you can see the oldest gold in the world. Ancient treasures from 5 millennium BC.

You can learn about a ancient civilization from the territory of contemporary Bulgaria, more ancient even than Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations.

First civilization in Europe – The exquisite richness of the prehistoric necropolis in the town of Varna – 5 millennium BC.

Golden treasures from the villages Dabene and Hotnitsa – traces of civilization from the 3rd and 5th millennium BC.

Each of the mentioned treasures is accompanied by information about the circumstances under which it was found, description of some of the items and, of course, pictures – most of which could be zoomed in.

Brief references to the Ancient history

Here you can find short information about ancient Thracians – culture, language, religion, Thracian Kingdoms and Kings, neighbours, politics, other ancient peoples, ancient tribes and famous historical individuals. The information is accompanied by relevant illustrations and maps.

The references are brief but very meaningful. I hope they will be useful to you.

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