Ancient Dacians


This is the common name of a group of northern Thracian tribes, who lived between the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube River. The Dacians had common customs, way of life, language and culture with the Getae, but were indicated in the ancient writings not until the time of Caesar.

The flowering period of the Dacian kingdom was during the time of Decebalus, who managed to unite the northern Thracian tribes. There were very severe armed conflicts during the time of the emperors Domitian (81-96) and Trajan (98-117). After two serious wars (101-102 and 105-106) the latter overwhelmed the Dacian hard resistance. In honour of his victory the emperor built in Rome the Trajan’s Column, preserved till nowadays.

Part of the Dacians was gradually assimilated during the “Barbarian” invasions in the Balkans in 3-2 c.

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