Ancient Dacia


A Roman province formed after Emperor Trajan’s victory over the Dacians. Its borders were the Tisza River to the west, Carpathians to the north, Olt River to the east and Danube River to the south. It had a great military strategic and economic significance for the Roman administrative system on the Balkan Peninsula. The central regime stimulated the economy and development of the town life. Roads and fortifications were built.

Dacia was often subjected to impetuous “Barbarian” invasions. They started during the time of the emperor Hadrian and gradually their number increased and loomed large. The long battle between the empire and the Barbarians ended at the time of the emperors Gallienus and Aurelian. Dacia was overrun by Goths, Carpians, Gepids, Sarmatians. In 270 the emperor Aurelian withdrew his legions to the right bank of the Danube River. With the purpose to keep the Roman military political prestige, two new provinces were established – Dacia Ripensis and Dacia Mediterranea

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