Philip II of Macedon

PHILIP II OF MACEDON (about 382 – 336 BC) A Macedonian king-reformer, who ruled 359-336 BC and turned Macedonia into a centralized kingdom. Philip II of Macedon reorganized the army – introduced into the infantry corps the so called Macedonian phalanx, and made the first steps for fleet in Macedonia. He managed to conquer the Pangaion […]

Perseus of Macedon

PERSEUS The last king of Macedon 179 – 168 BC, son of Philip V. He succeeded to dethrone his pro-Roman brother Demetrius and to organize an anti-Roman coalition with the Greek city-states. The so called Third Macedonian War started with an initial success for Perseus but in the Battle of Pydna 168 BC he suffered […]

Odrysian Kingdom

THE ODRYSIAN KINGDOM This was the most significant Thracian kingdom, which started its gradual political expansion at the time of the first famous king, called Teres, who ruled at the end of the 6th and the first half of the 5th century BC. He strengthened his power and influence to the Danube Delta to the […]

Ancient Moesia

MOESIA The name of a region and province in Anatolia, inhabited by Moesi, Phrygians, Trojans, Aeolians and Lydians in the 2nd millennium BC. In the 7th century BC Moesia was conquered by the Lydians and after the middle of the 6th century BC – by the Persians. During the time of Alexander the Great’s marches […]

Ancient Moesi

MOESI The common name of Thracian tribes, who inhabited Anatolia with the centre of Troad (Troy) in the 2nd millennium BC. They were known by Homer as skilled warriors. According to the information provided by historians and geographers, these were tribes who inhabited the territories between the Danube River and the Haemus Mons (the Balkan […]