Ancient Moesia


The name of a region and province in Anatolia, inhabited by Moesi, Phrygians, Trojans, Aeolians and Lydians in the 2nd millennium BC. In the 7th century BC Moesia was conquered by the Lydians and after the middle of the 6th century BC – by the Persians. During the time of Alexander the Great’s marches it was included into the territory of a vast kingdom. During the Hellenistic period Moesia was one of the centres of the Kingdom of Pergamon. In 133 BC it became part of the province of Asia.

A province, established after the subjugation of the Balkan Moesi in 15 AD. Moesia spread over the territories of the present Northern Bulgaria and was bounded by the Danube River, the lower course of the Drin River and Sava River on the west and the Black Sea on the east. It was bordered on the north by Dacia, on the west by Illyricum, on the south by Macedon and Thracia. In 86 it was divided in two – Upper and Lower Moesia.

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